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The guy at Sea Mauville told me that I should give it to Capatin Stern but when I interact with him, nothing happens. What exactly am I supposed to do?

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Did you actually find it yet?

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Give the Scanner to Captain Stern
He will give you a Clear Bell in OR and a Tidal Bell in AS.
Take the Bell (depending on your version) to Sea Mauville

What to do with the Bells
After you arrive at Sea Mauville go to the Deck in OR and in AS go to the Underwater Basement . The bell will start to resonate and cause a portal to appear.

The Portal

Go up to the Portal and press "A". In OR Ho-Oh should appear and battle you and in AS lugia will.
Before you interact with the Portal remember to Save :D

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You have to give it to Captain Stern and he gives you the clear bell/tidal bell which can allow you to catch Ho-Oh or Lugia depending on your game.

Nothing happens