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i know that I have to use the dex nav but I'm trying to have a gliscor, a greninja and a snorlax in my team but I don't know how to get their hidden abilities, please help #oras

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All three Pokemon cannot be found via Dex-Nav

There are only a few Pokemon which can be searched with a Dex-Nav.
See here for the list
But there are ways to get HAs on them without the Dex-Nav

Greninja - Frogadier is Greninja's pre-evolution and can be caught with Protean in a Water type Friend Safari. The transfer them to ORAS via PokeBank

Gliscor : In XY Gliagars can be found in hordes on Route 19. Grab an Oddish or a Sweet-Scenter and find hordes of Gligars. Test to see their ability by using Toxic or a Trace Ability. Then transfer to ORAS via Pokebank

Snorlax : In BW2 a girl called Yancy gives you a HA Snorlax transfer it over to XY via Poke-Transporter and then over to ORAS with PokeBank.
See this to get to a sidequest then watch this

If you can't do these things then try the GTS or ask around.in Trading Forums or the DB Chat. When on GTS don't be fooled by idiots who lie about stuff though
Good Luck :D

Thank you for your help, I can't do pokebank stuff as I don't have it  so I'll try looking on forum if I can get people to make reasonable trade offers with me
No problem glad I helped :D
Have a HA Frogadier if you want one