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Since Explosion doesn't half Defence anymore,should it still be used by Pokemon like Steelix and Metagross?
I'm thinking of training a Steelix with Explosion but I'm not sure if it'll be as useful as in Gen IV.


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Not in Gen V. In Gen IV it is great. Now.... its BP dropped. HUGE. I think its only got 150 now. Something like that. Its on Serebii.

It's power didn't drop; it just don't cut your defense now.
BTW it's 250 Base Power
So should I use it with Steelix or not?
I guess you can use Explosion, but consider something else before that because, well, it's still powerful but there are better moves as a last resort.
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I don't think it would be so useful, but it's still a good last resort. Although most pokemon that used it now can replace it with a more useful move, and in the case of Steelix, like Heavy Slam or even Aqua Tail (combined with Sheer Force).

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It won't halve defense which is true in turn making it less powerful. however in some situations it could still be used good. im not sure y they changed it back but you know...nintendo...