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i just want a good counter for them.

Are you looking for a good counter to leads or are you looking for a good way to counter Pokémon intended to counter leads?

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I find that many people like to lead with hazards, using either Omastar or Forretress(triple hazard). In that case, these leads won't have attack moves, so something with Rapid Spin, Defog, etc. will do. I love Cofagrigus because of its amazing defense(and can't be hit with forretress's annoying explosion) but sadly, it can't clear hazards.

Another option is Skarmory. It can place Stealth Rock and use defog to clear and has amazing defense.

For people starting with a Baton Pass team, psychic/dark types are suggested(Malamar) to deal with Passers.

Few people start with sweepers, but in that case, a tank or sweeper of your own will do.(Either Dragon or Fairy type)

Taunt is a fairly good strategy because many leads don't attack straight off, so anyone with (High Attack) Taunt and Sucker Punch will work.
~Taunt first, shuts down non-attack moves, then sucker punch because opponent will either switch or attack. if you have high attack damage, sucker punch is a killer.~

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