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My friends told me it does if you press them while the pokeball is shaking, but I'm a bit skeptical. Does it help?

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LOL i always do that when i was playing Gold/Silver when i was young, believing that u gain more exp, or increasing the catch rate, but only when i started to play X i realised it wasnt true

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What? No!

You have been fooled. There was something else like this where the claim was if you slowly trace the outside of the pokeball on the bottom screen in black and white. Just random lucky people or people who use sableye, whismicott and ferrothorn.

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Throwing your DS out the window get you a guaranteed Arceus
I know it doesn't help but doesn't everyone do it anyway?
i thought the rumor was that if you press A and B at the same time, you'll get a critical hit
there were so many rumors and i feel like we used them all even though we knew they wouldn't work
Sableye is a troll because of prankster wow
Whismicott has prankster encore and fairy typing
And ferrothorn has, well do I even have to say it?
In other words,you are listning to a professional troll!