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Ok so I'm getting the new Pokemon game ' Black and White'. I wanted to know how you could get a better chance of getting a female starter. Most Pokemon games I played I started out with a male, theres been a time where I got a female before. Otherwise there all males. I keep starting and restarting the game to get a female starter. Is there another way of getting one with a higher chance?


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You can't increase chances other than cross your fingers and pray.
87.5% Male
12.5% Female

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If you want a female Snivy, Oshawott or Tepig later on, you can breed with Ditto until you get one.
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Save before picking one turn off the power after picking until girl
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if you already didnt know this when you got to nimbasa the sencond day care person so you can put in your starter with a male patrat and itll be another starter

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Another good thing is you can breed MALES with any ditto

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Make 6eggs and at least 1will be a female

I made 10 Bulbasaur eggs, and all of them were males.