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Power gem, srocks, toxic, and diamond potential(HAHA more bad jokes), so what last move?

Again, why is this flagged?
Idk Haters? I don't see a single way this is flag worthy.

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Well your obviously going for a stall set so how about ditching whatever diamond potential is or Power gem for the screens? Light screen and reflect can double your stalling capability.

Well you would be kinda usless once you're taunted
You need at least ONE attacking move.  Because having a wall being shut down mt taunt is dodgy
It wouldn't be worth it having attacking moves, check it;s offensive stats and see
You'd rather do something something . Than be completely shut down by taunt
you could have EV investment in say, defence and have light screen. then replace power gem for rock slide as neither will do much damage, but rock slide can immobilise and still be anti-taunt