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Milotic @ ???
Modest Nature
EVs: 252 Sp.atk/252 Sp.def/4 Hp
Ability: Competitive
-Ice Beam
-Dragon pulse
This is offensive doubles by the way.


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Assult Vest

Since Milotic is offensive AV will take effect and makes Milotic slightly harder to take out

You might consider :

Lum Berry - Just in case

Life Orb- On the opposite of an AV a Life Orb will shorten Milotic's lifespan but make her hit harder.

If your Milotic had Marvel Scale Flame Orb would activate it and prevent Toxic or Paralysis however since it has competitive it would be a little useless

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AV prevents Recover.
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A Wacan Berry can be used to lower the power of Electric type attacks once, or Leftovers can offer recovery every turn, albeit small recovery.

Doubles? I'm pretty sure doubles are usually faster paced, so Sitrus Berries should be more useful for the instant health.