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I have a friend whos ace is a milotic. My ace is currently my dragonite witth multiscale. It tanks any hit from my shiny garchomp and OHKOs with ice beam, for dragonite, it outspeeds for some reason and ice beams me. I get off a dragon dance, it survives a dragon claw and ice beams me again. For my salamence, it survives a dragon claw and OHKOs me....I am pretty mad here. My other Pokemon are crobat, flygon, arcanine. This is 1 vs 1

It survives earthquake, I get ice beamed
It survives acrobatics, I get ice beamed
The only effective move I have is solarbeam. I charge that, it kills my with scald.

I think it has
EVS 252 attack, 252 speed, 4 Spd
The speed EVs is wierd, but it explains why my dragonite got outsped first turn.
Please help me.

252 Attack or Sp.Attack
whoops fail 252 special attack :)

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Run a wall or something to go for the KO

Try running the following:

1 - Mega Venusaur

Thick Fat and 192 Sp.def EVs should do the trick. Also access to Synthesis and Leech Seed. Throw Toxic in there, and Milotic is in for a hard time. The passive damage will be pretty good and piss him off.
Venusaur @ Venusaurite
EVs: 40 Hp/200 Def/76 Sp.atk/192 Sp.def
Ability: Chlorophyll --> Thick Fat
Calm/Bold Nature
-Leech Seed
-Giga Drain
This set only fears Steel-types and they aren't THAT common anymore. Say like a 1/10 chance you run into one.

2 - Slowbro

Someone call for a tank? Well, just take it anyway. This thing is so annoying, it can even force rage quits. High defense and Calm Mind really gets annoying after a period of time.
Slowbro @ Leftovers/Slowbronite
EVs: 200 Hp/252 Def/56 Sp.def
Ability: Oblivious/Regenator (--> Shell Armo[u]r)
Bold/Calm Nature
-Slack Off
-Calm Mind
Only walled by steel types with water absorb which don't exist! :D

3 - Thundurus

Just pure power and Prankster Thunder Wave is great to have! Nothing else to say.
Thundurus @ Life Orb
EVs: 220 Sp.atk/32 Hp/252 Spd
Ability: Prankster
Timid Nature
-Thunder Wave
-Hidden Power Ice
I don't even think I need to explain this one.
Hope this helps!

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Hey, buddy. Try giving your dragonite the weakness policy. It's an item that sharply increases your attack and special attack upon being hit with a super effective move. With the weakness policy boost plus your dragon dance, your dragonit will turn into an absolute monster the turn after. Good luck.