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Okay so I have action replay power saves and I made some Pokemon like a shiny posion hel glicsor with 6 ivs and max ev in defense and attack (etc.) that work perfecty fine. But for some reason it wont let me use my shiny Darkrai in wifi battles. I know that its "banned" or something but I can't even use it to battle with my friend via internet. I also tries this with a giratina I made and it had the same proble. Please help.

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This is most likely because they weren't obtained by legitimate means. Darkrai is an event only Pokemon, so creating one with the Wonder Card wouldn't be legitimate.

However, this is usually only the case with either legendaries, unreleased abilities, or both. Your Gliscor probably worked fine because it's possible to hatch a shiny, 6IV Gligar and evolve it in your game.

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