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This is my first time EV training. As some people may know, I recently got a Froakie, and I want to know this:

  1. Is it worth trying to train and use this Froakie?
  2. Whats a good place to train him (Yes I know I can probably find it elsewhere if I look but I'm really new to this and want all the infomation in the one place)
  3. What role does Froakie do best in a team? (stat-wise)
  4. Is Froakie fair to use in online battles? (Is he to over-powered? Is he in ubers?)

Any tips you might have are welcomed btw.
I also dont know how to EV train, and where do I go on the site to learn.
(Yes I'm a total noob at this :P)


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Lets answer your questions in order:

  1. Yes, definitely.

  2. For EV training, I suggest looking up nuggetbridge for some, they are pretty clear in their guide to EV training in my opinion.

  3. Froakie evolves into Greninja and it is able to act as a fantastic Special Sweeper/Revenge killer that threatens and puts immense pressure on opponent teams.

  4. Greninja is one of those Pokemon that are so good that it is currently suspect tested and may be going to Ubers soon. Use him while you can!

Heres a set that you can run:
enter image description here
Greninja(M) @ Life Orb
Ability: Protean
EVs: 40 Atk/216 SpAtk/252 Speed
Naive Nature (+Spe,-SpDef)
-Gunk Shot
-Ice Beam
-Hydro Pump/Low Kick
-Dark Pulse/Extrasensory/Grass Knot

The 40 Attack is to guarantee that you can one shot Azumarill with Gunk Shot while full investment in Speed (252) is to speed tie other Greninjas while the rest is thrown into Special Attack for more power for your Special Moves.

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Use Hasty.
If you run Hasty you are weak to priority like Gale Wings Brave Bird (becomes guaranteed OHKO), ExtremeSpeed, Diggersby's Quick Attack and so on. Most forms of priority are physical and Greninja would want to take them as well as possible, in the event that it really has no choice than to take a hit.
Yay thx! I suspect Greninja might be making its way towards my favorite pokemon ;D
Haha no problem! Glad that I could be of help!