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My Froakie has a quirky nature (+ SP. Def. - SP. Def.), likes to thrash about (Attack) and is a newborn lv. 1 Pokemon.

I am planning to ev train him in Attack and SP. Atk. Can you please give suggestions on where to train, improvements on ev-training, and just any ideas related to this context. Thank you!

Well people don't generally use neutral natures like Quirky. Mixed sweepers that aren't particularly tough usually go Hasty or Naive so they'll have increased speed while not hurting Attack or Special Attack.

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I wouldnt recomend a quirky greninja as its neutral meaning it raises/decreases
nothing. I would rather recommend a hasty nature (+speed -defense) as greninja wont take a psychical hit anyway and it raises speed which is recommended for mixed greninja. For EV training/moveset:

Greninja @ Expert Belt/Life Orb
Ability: Protean
EVs: 252 Spd / 252 SAtk / 4 Atk
Hasty Nature
- Dark Pulse / Shadow Sneak
- Hydro Pump
- Ice Beam
- U-turn

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Thanks dude.
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EV training. I assume you're not gonna Super Train it for half an hour, you probably don't need a guide for that.

The fastest way to EV train is with Sweet Scent to summon horde encounters and a move that hits all the opponents, along with infecting your Pokemon with Pokerus and equipping a Power item (ex. Power Anklet increases EV gain by +4 speed per opposing Pokemon fainted.) These Power items can be gotten from the Battle Maison at 16BP each.

You can check the locations of the hordes and their EV's at the following thread in Smogon:

I use the following personal favorite sites to get Attack and Special Attack...

Route 14 - Laverre Nature Trail
Bellsprout, Ekans - Attack

Frost Cavern
Vanillite, Smoochum - Special Attack

Route 20 - Winding Woods
Trevenant - Attack

trevenant can be a bit difficult as sudowoodos occasionally find their way in the hordes. otherwise it's good *upvote*.
Route 19 has weepinbell and arboks that give you 2 attack evs
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First of all, Quirky is a terrible nature, as it is neutral, Timid is best for special Greninja or Hasty/Naive for mixed Greninja.
You should always max speed on Greninja as it is very frail and if it doesn't outspeed its opponent then it is almost useless.
Here are good places to ev train:

Vannilite in Frost Cavern for special attack(1 special attack ev per Vannilite)
Weepingbell on Route 19 for attack(2 attack evs per Weepingbell)
Murkrow on route 15 for speed(1 speed ev per Murkrow)

These are the Pokemon that are most common found in horde battles that give the evs you want.
Give Froakie pokerus and the right ev raising item and using hordes(use a sweet scent Pokemon to get a horde 100% of the time)you can max one stat in just 5-6 horde battles.
Make sure you have the experience share on so that your Froakie doesn't actually have to battle to gain evs, and having high level Pokemon that already have all their evs to KO Pokemon is really handy.
Use a move like surf to kill them all in one wave to make things a lot quicker.

Hope I helped!