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The goal:
Heal Ball
Toxic Spikes (egg move)

I have this nice breeding project going on, here are my parents.
Froakie (Female)
Luxury Ball
Toxic Spikes

Froakie (Male)
Luxury Ball
N/A (Female has an Everstone)

I am passing on Luxury Balls at the moment, until I get a Froakie parent in a heal ball. I quickly found no luck with same species breeding so I put my male with Protean in with a Ditto to get a female with Protean.

I must have hatched at least two boxes worth of eggs, had many, many Froakies with Protean... my problem is that none with Protean are female. I hatched five eggs in one go, three males with Protean, two females with Torrent. I am new to hidden ability breeding, am I missing something? I know that there's only a 12.5% chance to hatch a female Froakie, but still, I have no problem passing on Protean in general, it's just the females.

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There's a 60% chance to pass down a hidden ability (at least, with a male hidden ability Pokemon breeding with a Ditto) and a 12.5% chance for a Froakie to be female. If my math is right, there's only a 7.5% chance for both to happen. Just because you, statistically, should have hatched at least one that's both female and has a hidden ability doesn't mean that you definitely should have hatched one.
If you're playing in Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon, you can use Island Scan on a Friday on Poni Island to get a Greninja, which you can just catch in a heal Ball.
I did not know that. Thank you!

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No there is no chance to get a female froakie in a heal Ball. The male has a 20% chance of passing o a Hidden Ability if breeding with a Ditto. You will get heal Ball froakies, with toxic spikes and hasty nature, however you can only pass the HA down from a female if you are breeding with the same species - you need to get a female froakie and breed this with the male to have any chance at getting the HA passed down. And of course, it needs to be in Heal Ball.

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Didn't he write that he breed with protean female froakie ?
No, male
No, he DID say Female.
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I solved my problem.

I managed to find a female froakie with protean on the gts a few hours after posting my problem. I now have a luxury ball froakie, hasty with protean, and toxic spikes. I put the new gts female in with a male with toxic spikes to achieve my final results.

As for the heal ball issue, I don't have access to friend safari so I can't test this for my self but is there a rule that says no heal balls can be used in friend safari? I have froakies in luxury balls, dusk balls, moon balls, and dive balls. All of those were bred from frogadier caught from friend safari. My current best froakie is in a luxury ball, but the new female with protean was in a standard pokeball. I firmly believe that unless heal balls aren't allowed in friend safari, I can get a froakie in a heal ball. I just need a parent in a heal ball first as same species breeding its 50/50 on what parent passes on their ball.

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