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He has great Defense, decent HP and S Defense, extremely good Attack and is very fast. He has nice typing, giving him only one weakness, and has a usable movepool. I don't know why I don't see him anymore.


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Well you overestimated Drapion's Attack and Speed really, which are just 90 and 95. That's not extremely good. In fact, for a sweeper, that's below average. In RU though, it's speed is usable but it's still outsped by some Pokemon.

It's typing and defense is what sets him apart, having just one weakness and it usually being physical helps. But there are a few reasons for it's drop in usage:

  • It's special side is easily breakable.
  • Many Pokemon run Earthquake as a coverage move, and it hits Drapion hard.
  • It's a sitting duck when it's burned; it can't fight back or rely on it's bulk to win.
  • No means of healing as a bulky Pokemon.
  • It's attack is average, 90 is just not enough at times.

Drapion can use a Swords Dance set though, which mixes it's bulk and sweeping capability. Another solution is giving Drapion a Choice Scarf to help it outspeed stuff.


Drapion @ Black Sludge
Ability: Sniper
EVs: 160 HP / 96 Atk / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Taunt
- Swords Dance
- Knock Off
- Aqua Tail

All in all, Drapion is an OK Pokemon for a sweeper, and it's moderately used. It's prime roles mostly center around using it's great physical bulk to set up in forms of offense (Swords Dance) or support (Toxic Spikes, Taunt).

Hope I helped!

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Drapion can be really good at sweeping, but seen feom my experience, he does have some points to concern that cannot be left unattended, however, it's better to address the pros first in case you got scared away by the cons:
1. Drapion has a "Golden Balance" or so my own creation. Drapion does have high defence, but at the same time is fast and hits hard enough. For a sweeper, I'd say is perfect, as most sweepers are REAL frail. Where most of your sweeper brethen fails, Drapion might have a chance to survive and succeed.
2.Drapion has a terrifying ability, Sniper. It increases the damage dealt of critical hits by 1.5. If that's not scary enough, it can learn High Crit Ratio moves. Plus give it a Razor Claw or Scope lens. If possible, it's Damage Output is skyhigh and sometimes OHKO unexpected OUs. And oh... Put in a sword dance if you feel like it, just to make it worse.
3. Versatility. It is known that Drapion excels in being a wall, but put in a few offensive moves really make it shine.
But, the cons:
1.Weakness to Ground and Steel Types. It should be noted that most teams have at least one Pokemon thats a steel type or have Earthquake. As much as Drapion's offensive capabilities, steel types are immune to poison type attacks. Luckily, Drapion have access to Fire Fang and Aqua Tail, but most cases it is a 2HKO or more.
2.All about luck. Although you have really high crit ratio, it doesn't mean every hit is one crit. All depends on luck... But if you're lucky then you might just take out at most 4 foes (personal experience in OU).
3.Weak in SpD. Drapion does have great Defence Stats, but really lacks in SpD. Stats. One Bulldoze could take it out... But most just go for Earthquake, although it is something to be noted of.
Overall, Drapion is one of is kind when it comes to being a sweeper, where others fail, it succeed. (At times not being OHKOed), but also have some deadly flaws... Use at your own risk, but it's rewarding when you succeed.