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I recented caught my palkia in oras, and it ended up being timid. Will I be able to use it effectively in competitive play?

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As a matter of fact, Timid can be pretty usable. With a base 100 speed, it can out speed lots of Pokemon and even other Palkia who run other natures like Modest. Here is a recommended set for your Palkia:

[email protected] Orb
Nature: Timid
EVs: 252 Speed, 252 Special Attack, 4 HP
- Aura Sphere (Good coverage against types such as Ice, Steel and Rock)
- Dragon Pulse (STAB, a lot safer to use than Spacial Rend)
- Hyper Voice/Surf (STAB or normal coverage)
- Dragon Tail/Earth Power (For scouting or further coverage)

Other than hidden power, Palkia doesn't have much against its Fairy weakness. Just keep it away from Fairies, and you'll be good. Hope I helped!

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Sorry. one more question: Where can I get the lustrous orb in oras?
Route 129 :)
Thanks! :D
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Timid is actually a great nature, it allows palkia to outspeed or speed tie with as many Pokemon as possible without compromising it's high special attack. One thing that can hinder this palkia is the possibility of it lacking good iv's due to it being a in game capture.

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True, but idk the chance of getting a good iv timid palkia over the gts.