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I thought I saw Lotad having six legs, and it's not even based on an insect, so why??

Not completely correct. Lotad may have been based on the water insect, Tardigrade, given his similarity in shape and general habitat. That's probably partially why.
I always thought it was just a kind of little animal underneath a lily pad, but the Tardigrade insect does make sense too.

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That's how Game Freak Designed it

I guess its to make the design more interesting... After all, Lotad is practically a lilypad with a smiley face. Quite a few Pokemon have extra things, such as Giratina, who has 6 legs as well.Vaporeon has 3 ears (or you can call them fins), and Ninetails has (clue in the name :P) nine tails!

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My Theory

In Lotad's PokeDex entries they say that Lotad can ferry small Pokemon across water. Well I guess that the reason why Lotad has 6 legs it's because it needs the strength from them to carry the Pokemon across water.

Hope I helped!

Nice theory! This will get BA by tomorrow if no one else answers.
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Yes he does its to help him float better and swim faster away from predators.