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Post-game of Pokemon Black and White?

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I have beaten the elite four and n and so on but what do I do now? I go to the new routes but the pokemon are 10lvs higher than mine so im thinking im missing something. what do I do?

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Well, there is a TON of stuff to do.

Find the 7 sages.
Explore the 3 new routes to the east of Unova.
Check out Black City and White Forest.
Rematch the Elite Four, this time with the actual Champion.
Catch Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion, Kyurem, and the roaming legendary.
Catch Landorus.
Catch Zen Mode Darmanitan.
Catch Volcarona.
Catch Musharna with the Dream World Ability.
Recieve the fossils in Twist Mountain.
Buy a Magikarp.
Recieve the Larvesta egg.
Trade for Rotom and Munchlax.
Beat Cynthia and Morimoto.
Battle Cheran and Bianca.
Check out the Abyssal Ruins.
Complete the Battle Subway and Battle Institute.
Take a ride on the magnificant Royal Unova.
Do Pokemon Musicals.
Utilize the Poketransfer.

These are but a few of the many things you can do. It really is quite amazing all the after the main game stuff they have.

The high leveled Pokemon are there for easy training.

Some of this stuff can be done before the Elite 4, but you might not have done them yet.

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Buy a Magikarp...BEST :D :D :D
Wow, great answer! And lol @ "buy magikarp".
Ok I thought I was missing something when the pokemon were at very high levels.
P.S. The larvest egg and the legendary trio/roaming can be done before elite four.
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  • Fill your Poke'dex by catching all the pokemon.
  • Find every single legendary.
  • Level up all your pokemon to level 100.
  • Create a battle box with powerful pokemon in.
  • Complete the battle subway.
  • Enter Pokemon musicals.
  • Try and find lots of different items and TM's all over Unova.
  • Set up an internet connection, get your friend code, then trade and battle online with people from around the world.
  • Convince your friends to get the game so when they complete it they can trade and battle you too.
  • Battle the Elite 4 again.
  • Hunt for shiny pokemon. Explore every last place, see if you can find a hidden cave or a place to dive that looks suspicious. Get as rich as you can.
  • Find the Seven Sages of Team Plasma, they are hidden all over Unova. I've only found 1 but this person from the secret police wants you to find them for him.
  • Go route 15 to the transfer lab and transfer your favorite pokemons from Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heart-gold and Soul-silver to your Black or White game.

See theres lots to do and probably move I've missed out, when you think your finally done you can either start again or sell Poke'mon White and buy Pokemon Black instead.

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