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As you can probably tell, LC is my favorite tier.

This is the set I run:

EDIT: I'm a doofus. Berry Juice outclasses Sitrus Berry.

Magby @ Berry Juice
Ability: Vital Spirit
Jolly Nature
252 Atk / 252 Spe / 4 HP
-Belly Drum
-Fire Punch
-Mach Punch
-Thunder Punch

If you can set up a Belly Drum, you're set. Fire Punch is STAB, Mach Punch smashes Pawniard, who is slower than Magby. Thunder Punch rounds off the coverage and makes it unresisted in LC.


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I stole most of this set from Smogon (changes in bold)

Magby @ Berry Juice
Ability: Vital Spirit
EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Spe / 4 Def
29 HP IVs
Jolly Nature
- Fire Punch
- Belly Drum
- Mach Punch
- Thunder Punch / Thief

Thie first changes is Berry Juice > Sitrus Berry. Berry Juice is basically the Leftovers of LC, and has the added benefit of not being stolen by Pluck or Bug Bite (not sure how common those are in LC, but you never know). 29 IVs in HP make Berry Juice activate right after using Belly Drum, negating the HP loss. EVs are changed slightly so as not to interfere with Berry Juice recovery. Fire Punch and Mach Punch are keepers. Thunder Punch can be replaced with Thief in order to steal an opponent's Berry Juice or Eviolite after your Berry Juice is gone.

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This is great! Thanks so much! :D
Yeah, I think they had Sitrus Berry because Berry Juice used to be banned. To be honest, Oran Berry would work just as effectively as Sitrus Berry though.