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I am planning on breeding a Hitmontop for use in ORAS WiFi Doubles, but I have to know how exactly he evolves. I know it says "Attack and Defense are equal" on its evolution page, but what does that mean, exactly? Do the IVs need to match? The EVs? Or do the actual numerical values of each stat have to be equal? Please help!

It's basically just like Wurmple evolving in Silcoon or Cascoon
That's based on IVs.

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The numerical values of the stats have to match. I advise EV training him in HP to level him up. And remember, with Tyrogue, the B button is your friend.

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Also, make sure Tyrogue has Steadfast as an ability so it gets Technician upon evolution.
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it needs to have both it's attack and defense stats equal when it turns level 20. which, as you can imagine, is kinda annoying. I had to get one for my pokedex collection on the pokebank so I bred a team of them and then tried to level them up slowly and give them vitamins to get it equal at level 19. got one out of 5 to turn into a hitmontop. you can always clear their EVs after you evolve it so you can then EV train it how you want.