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I know a Pokemon's stats are partialy based on their nature. I also know Tyrogue evolves into Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, and Hitmontop based on it's stats. I want a Hitmontop, but I keep training Tyrogues that evolve into one of the others (it's the least common of the 3 as it has more balanced stats). Does anyone know what nature a Tyrogue must be to become Hitmontop, assuming you don't give it Pokemon energy drinks?


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Nature isn't likely to make much effect at a low level. If I were you, I would simply catch a ton of tyrogues (on Route 211 with PokeRadar), then save your game and test the evolution of each one using rare candies.

Reset if you don't get hitmontop. I needed to catch about 20 before I got one that evolved into a hitmontop.

If you don't have any rare candies then just go to wherever the highest-level pokemon are, put tyrogue out and switch immediately. They should level up pretty quickly.

Oh, so it's really just random chance?
My hitmontop's attack is 2 higher than its  defense but it has a defense lowering nature
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I would EV train your tyrugue untill its stats are even. Then evolve it. Do this even if you have to train it to a really high level;)

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I had 3 Tyrogues, each evolving into different hitmon-. This proves that most important is training. e.g., when you train Pokémon on Machops, it will gain more attack stat. For defence, train them on Geodudes.

HP Up boosts HP EV
Protein boosts Attack EV
Iron boosts Defense EV
Calcium boosts Sp.Attack EV
Zinc boosts Sp.Defense EV
Carbos boosts Speed EV

Pomeg Berry lowers HP EV (and boosts happiness)
Kelpsy Berry lowers Attack EV (and boosts happiness)
Qualot Berry lowers Defense EV (and boosts happiness)
Hondew Berry lowers Sp.Attack EV (and boosts happiness)
Grepa Berry lowers Sp.Defense EV (and boosts happiness)
Tamato Berry lowers Speed EV (and boosts happiness)

Training hold items:
Macho Brace more EV (but lowers speed as long as hold)
Power Weight more HP EV (but lowers speed as long as hold)
Power Bracer more Attack EV (but lowers speed as long as hold)
Power Belt more Defense EV (but lowers speed as long as hold)
Power Lens more Sp.Attack EV (but lowers speed as long as hold)
Power Band more SP.Defense EV (but lowers speed as long as hold)
Power Anklet more Speed EV (but lowers speed as long as hold)

I said WITHOUT using pokemon drinks. I was refering to nature.
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