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Planning to do some discharge gimmicks along with a secret stratigy with a fairy mouse I won't reveal untill later(shhhh!)

Manetric and pachirisu
the unrevealed mon is dennene isn't it
Ground types.
"fairy mouse"

It`s Dedenne.
A good lightning rod poke is Raichu

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Some great Pokemon with lighting rod are

Mega Sceptile: lighting rod increases Mega Sceptile's high special attack to even higher levels which can allow for a sweep due to it's high speed.

Manetric: lighting rod not only provides a electric immunity but also increases manetric's special attack due to its high speed in additon if you use Mega Manetric you can switch it in on a predicted electric type attack while still regular manetric and gain the special attack increase and then Mega Evolve.

Seaking: due to lightning rod one of two of seaking's weaknesses is removed.

Raichu: high speed and lighting rod increases it's damage potential and due to it having access to fake out it makes a great lead especially in doubles.

Volt Absorb users

Jolteon: very high speed and outspeeds most Pokemon. Hits hard with it's electric type attacks.

Thundurus T: very high special attack and due to volt absorb one of the types that do neutal damage is removed and it's also a flying type giving it immunity to 2 types- Ground and electric.

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I'm looking for five pokes that would make good use of lightning rod and volt absorb(unlike marowak) to join the cheese-loving fairy.