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I have been looking for a good physical tank,I used Steelix but he didn't do the job,although he has high Defence,he lacks in HP,so I need a replacement for him,the replacement has to have high attack,defence and HP.And a good amount of resistances. I was thinking of:Durant,Hippowdan,Cobalion.
You can also choose Pokemon that aren't listed above.

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Hippowdon is a good choice. You can also use Metagross though, as it is more offensively based in terms of moves, just like Steelix. Hippowdon has some nice defensive moves though. Depends on what the main point of your tank is going to be. If you want a more offensive tank, Metagross. If you want a more defensive tank, Hippowdon. Or maybe Evolution Stone Metapod! :P

Yeah I agree, but I suggest Metagross.
It doesnt have that much HP, but has awesome Attack and Defense.
I'm going with Hippowdan,but that Eviolite Metapod sounds interesting.
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I say Snorlax lots of HP High Attack and Defense.
Moveset: Body Slam, Giga Impact, Rest, don't know 4th mave you should teach him.

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Tyranitar is a good defensive pokemon

Not with those weaknesses it ain't.
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Metagross is an amazing tank.