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I was using random matchup but when I get to the find random match sreen it says something is wrong with my party disconnecting. so whats wrong?
originally I thought it was thundurus but,
1 the woman at the counter didnt stop me,
2 ive seen people use tornadus and landous before so whats wrong?

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If any of your Pokemon have the move Sky Drop then that is the problem. Sky Drop is banned from the random matchup because of a glitch when combined with Gravity.

The glitch happens only in double/triple battles, when a Pokemon on your team uses Gravity right after you use Sky Drop on a Pokemon from the other team. Gravity brings both the Pokemon down from the air, but your opponent will be unable to attack for the rest of the match because the game thinks it's still in the air.

See this YouTube vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cV0wKQxVbjw

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Darn thundurus has sky drop....he was the problem. what happens in the video cause I can't watch youtube videos cause my computer is a goober.
Updated my answer.