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Pretty self explanation. Also, as an added question if I had no friends / people to trade with what locke(s) can I do? (and explain them / it please.)


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The Rocketlocke challenge is a combination of the Rocket Challenge and the Nuzlocke Challenge.


• Only first Pokemon in the Route can be captured.
• All Pokemon caught must be nicknamed.
• If a Pokemon faints it is considered dead and must be released or Boxed Permanetly.
• Only Pokemon of specific type can be used. these types are Poison, Pure Normal (no Sub Types, no Fairies), Ground, Dark, Bug, Fighting, Psychic.
•If you have the ability to cheat (such as action replay, game shark, etc) You can Catch NPC Trainers Pokemon! The Pokemon must have their health in atleast Yellow and it must be their last Pokemon!
•If playing Generation 1 or 2 avoid battles with Team Rocket as much as possible!
•If Playing Generation 3 and up (3,4,5,6) Crush the Enemy Team! defeat every single member that is possible in the game.
•You can consider that you've won the challenge once catching all of the legendary Pokemon in your game.
•If the Pokemon you encounter first in a Area isnt one you can use you may do the following
•You may only "steal one Trainer Pokemon Per Area. IF the first Pokemon you encounter isnt a acceptable type or you may Attempt to encounter another wild Pokemon but after the second attempt of either you may no longer attempt in that area.
• You May steal 1 Gym Leaders Pokemon throughout the entire game.
• You may attempt to become a Master by completing the challenge in all available generations.


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