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I am pretty sure he has a different in the manga,anime and game so just is final team in the Anime

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In the manga, Red has:
1. Pikachu
2. Poliwrath
3. Venuaur
4. Aerodactyl
5. Snorlax
6. Espeon

In the game (Souls Silver and Heart Gold), Red's team is:
1. Pikachu
2. Lapras
4. Blastoise
5. Charizard
6. Snorlax

In the anime (Pokémon Origins), he beat the Champion with:
1. Mega Charizard X
2. Jolteon
3. Dodrio
4. Persian
5. Scyther
6. Lapras

As to what his main team is, it just depends on whether your talking about the Manga, Anime, or the Game

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Red's team is Pika(Pikachu), Saur(Venusaur), Charizard , Blasty(Blastoice), Snor(Snorlax) , and Vee(Espeon) ,I believe . Manga wise anyways.
I'm not sure anime wise and game wise is pretty much the same just no nicknames and some different Pokemon.

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Can you just complete it more dont think everyone will understand your slang words
It isn't slang, those are the pokemon's nicknames