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Please state the chapter name and which Pokemon evolved.

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i think it has to be like >Dont question my curiosity
also does vee count?
no vee the eevee does not count

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so these are the chapters these Pokemon evolves in

Saur evolved into Ivysaur at Wartortle Wars (volume 2) and Venusaur at The Winged Legends (volume 3)
Pika didn't evolve
Gyra didn't evolve
Snor didn't evolve
Poli evolved into poliwhirl when red was drowning (can't point exact chapter) and evolved into poliwrath at Danger: High Voltorb (volume 1)
Aero didn't evolve
Diglett didn't evolve
Nidorino didn't evolve
Sandshrew didn't evolve

yea I'm a manga nerd and read from red blue green to b2w2 volume 1 so ask me any questions about the manga

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tryto fins chapter poli evolved
Closest we can get is a flashback at danger: high voltorb
Wasn't Poli a Poliwhirl from the start? Was it ever a Poliwag?
U see poliag evlvein a flashback