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I want to train for the elite four the second time but I don't know where to go to be the most effective at leveling up. and I have pokemon white if that matters.

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I had the same problem as you before battling the Elite Four.
My Pokemon lacked level to even compete with their Pokemon, and l ended up trying to grind with annoying Pokemon in Victory Road, it was very slow.

This is what I end up doing, and what I recommend you do.
Spend ALL your money on shops and leave as little left as possible. (Don't worry, you can get tons more after the game)
Battle the Elite Four that is the easiest to beat for you, (experiment with all four, and see which type is easiest for you to beat) than battle them. lf you lose, it's okay, because you'll have no money, and if you eventually kill ONE Pokemon, you will gain tons of experience, and you will slowly level up your Pokemon efficiently, while learning what the Elite Four Pokemon are capable of.
Repeat this until they are no problem, and do the same with the others.
Until your are confident enough to battle the others along with the champion, keep on battling!
I had to re-battle the Elite Four five times before l could beat them for real, it doesn't take that long!
l hope this helps! ~

Should you use potions to heal your pokemon while using this strategy?
Only if you WANT to.
The whole point is to get experience, while learning.
l recommend you don't for the first two runs or so, and if you think you're really ready for the real fight, start using potions but make sure that you got a lot.
Go to route 23 and walk around in shaking grass. Audinos are level 50. In the original B/W, use route 10 and audinos are about level 34. Hope this helps! Post game, Giant chasm for level 50s!
-Wrong person... O.o
This is for Wesley
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I'm in that predicament now.

What I've been doing is Daily and Weekly Events. I'm not good enough to fight Cynthia (Undella) or GAME FREAK (Castelia) yet, but the Sports Arena in Nimbasa, and the Royal Unova in Castelia (only at night), are great places to train. Don't be afraid that their Pokemon are around level 65. It's normal.

MidnightSky's suggestion also works, but make sure you deplete your money after each try.

Also, you can search for Audinos, which are experience beasts.

Make sure you equip your Pokemon with [a] Lucky Egg[s]. You can find more from the Route 13 Treasure Hunter, who gives you an item each day.

Try looking at more Daily/Weekly events here: http://www.serebii.net/blackwhite/dailyevent.shtml

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What I do is go to Giant Chasm where all the wild pokemon are in the mid to high 60s if you go in the dark grass. The Wild Audinos are all about the mid 50s though.

The Abundant Shrine is at about the same levels.
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I'm not that far, but I suggest maybe Giant Chasm or Victory Road? But it really depends what level your Pokemon are.

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the best place i've found to train my pokemon in the great chasm and the area by the village bridge if ur coming from opelcuid city go straight through the walkway thingy and ull see the bridge go south and then east ull see a area with grass...the pokemon range from level 47 up to 65 and yes the lucky egg does help alot

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i find the best place to train is the elite four just bring in a whole team of level 100's except for the pokemon u want to train and give it experience share that way it gets all the experience

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another way 2 grind is 2 put pokemon in the day care than running back and forth between striation city and castellia city and check the day care once in a while. i did what would have otherwise been a week-and-a-half grindfest in one night like this.

That might work, as long as the Pokemon are same genders, or are in different egg groups. Otherwise there WILL be eggs.
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