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I need a soothe bell to get my Woobat's happiness up, in order to evolve it. Where could I find one at in order to quicken the process??

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If I remember correctly it was a lady in one of the houses behind the Pokemon Center in Nimbasa City

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You can get it, by talking to someone in Nimbasa City as l remember correctly.
l don't remember who, and l'm 99.9999998% sure it's in Nimbasa City.
Just walk around, and speak to everyone l guess. :)
Hope this helps! ~

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I know exactly, its behind pokemon center next to water old lady on 2 floor in nimbassa city:) hope it helped

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You can get a Soothe Bell by going to Nimbasa City. Then you go building behind the Pokemon Center to the left. Once you get there, go upstairs and talk to the old lady looking at the dresser. Make sure you have a pokemon that your friend already and place him up front. then she will give you the bell.

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