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I need to evolve my togepi!

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In the National park, if you go behind the fence up at the top of the park. Then you can follow the fencing until you see an item and it will be a soothe bell. However, you don't absoulutely need it to evolve Togepi.

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i know but he is level 23 allready and it wont evolve
You need it's happiness up to a certain level.Keep it in your party,get it the soothe bell,etc.oh and don't forget to walk with it of course!
I evolved it at Lv 16......then got frustrated because i couldn't find a Shiny Stone...and didn't know when should I evolve it.....
I had Togepi, it won't evolve until Lv. 23 and guess what? It evolve when it hit Lv. 24!
How can I go behind the fence? ???
There's a little gap in the fence around the north-east side of the park.