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I don't care how many people answer, keep 'em coming.

I'm making my Doubles team for ORAS, and one of the core members is goig to be Sylveon. The planned moveset is:

[email protected] Leftovers
Ability: Pixilate
EVs: 252 HP / 220 Def / 36 Def
Bold Nature
- Hyper Voice
- Helping Hand
- Wish
- Protect

I need a partner who fits one or more of these categories:

A) Hits fast and hard, and is able to take advantage of Helping Hand.
B) Is bulky as heck, acts as a safeguard against Sylveon's weaknesses and vice versa.
C) Benefits from Wish support.
D) Can wipe the board of Steel- and Poison- types before they wipe Sylveon.
E) All of the above have to be viable in Doubles.

Please suggest one or more Mega for each category and include a brief yet accurate description of why they're a good partner for Sylveon. I will accept any Mega but the following:

  • Mega Garchomp (don't have the Garchompite)
  • Mega Lucario (don't have the Lucarionite)
  • Mega Audino (don't need two Fairies)
  • both of the Mega Mewtwos (nobody likes Legends trainers)
  • Mega Steelix (Ew.)
  • Mega Sableye (I am not busting my butt EV training another one of those)
  • Mega Rayquaza (See Mewtwo)
  • Mega Diancie (don't have Diancie or the Diancite)
  • Mega Charizard Y (I hate weather)

Please bear in mind that this is in-game, so I have to catch/trade/breed/train all of these 'Mons myself, so keep it semi-simple. Feel free to make the EV spreads as complicated or as simple as you like, but please include your reasons for doing so. Thanks a mil!

P.S. Remember that these two do not necessarily have to fight side-by-side, I could switch between the Mega and Sylveon.

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But I've used Garchomp in my Singles team already, and my Multi battle team. Let's just say that I'm sick of that awesome dragon shark.
I might consider Aggron... if you're going to answer, make your case for him there.
Question is almost screaming metagross
@DA830 Mega Aggron can basically resist 4 Earthquakes (it isn't much of a problem).
Mega camerupt.
Garchomp gets slower through megavolution and you have to have a sandstorm (sand force) which will hurt sylveon.

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I'd say Mega Aerodactyl, Mega Salamence, and Mega Swampert.

Mega Aerodactyl

While not "bulky as heck" per se, he is INSANELY fast and has decent Attack, but Helping Hand would boost it to amazing levels. Here's a set I would run:

Aerodactyl @ Aerodactylite
Ability: Unnerve -> Tough Claws
Adamant Nature
252 Atk / 252 Spe / 4 HP
-Rock Slide
-Sky Drop
-Ice Fang / Aqua Tail (basically any filler move BUT Roost)

Aqua Tail has a decently high chance of OHKOing Mega T-tar if you run Aqua Tail.
Oh, and screw you, Bisharp. 252+ Atk Mega Aerodactyl Helping Hand Earthquake vs. 4 HP / 0 Def Bisharp: 276-326 (101.4 - 119.8%) -- guaranteed OHKO

Earthquake smashes Steel and Poison, and Sky Drop takes one foe out of the fight temporarily to get a Wish off if necessary.

Mega Salamence
Literally perfect. So much bulk. So much speed. SO MUCH POWER.

Salamence @ Salamencite
Ability: Intimidate -> Aerilate
Naive Nature
4 Atk / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
-Hyper Voice
-Heat Wave
-Dragon Tail / Hydro Pump / (another coverage move, kinda like M-Aero, I recommend a special attack)

Specially Based MixMence. Hyper Voice and Heat Wave hit so hard together, it's awesome! You need all the SpA you can get, as you're running off of Salamence's lower SpA.

252 SpA Aerilate Salamence Helping Hand Hyper Voice vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Mega Kangaskhan: 204-240 (58.1 - 68.3%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
And you outspeed, so that's nice.

252 SpA Aerilate Salamence Helping Hand Hyper Voice vs. 252 HP / 0 SpD Landorus-T: 246-289 (64.3 - 75.6%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Leftovers recovery
More outspeeding. Oh, and Intimidate doesn't even matter, cuz you're special!

Bwahaha. These are the two S-Ranked Pokemon in Smogon's ORAS Doubles Viability Ranking, and see how much Mega Salamence wrecks them.

4 Atk Salamence Helping Hand Earthquake vs. 248 HP / 0 Def Heatran: 428-504 (111.1 - 130.9%) -- guaranteed OHKO

252 SpA Salamence Helping Hand Heat Wave vs. 132 HP / 0 SpD Mega Mawile: 228-270 (83.2 - 98.5%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
Just a little prior damage and you net that OHKO!

252 SpA Salamence Helping Hand Hidden Power Grass vs. 252 HP / 0 SpD Rotom-W: 176-208 (57.8 - 68.4%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Leftovers recovery
Dunno why you would run HP Grass, but just in case you get lucky with breeding and you're having big trouble with Rotom-W...

Mega Swampert
While not incredibly fast, it's rather bulky, and has the ability to set up its own rain quite easily.

Swampert @ Swampertite
Ability: Damp -> Swift Swim
Adamant Nature
EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Spe / 4 HP
-Rain Dance / Protect
-Ice Punch

The choice is yours between Rain Dance and Protect... They each have very important niches and I'll leave that to you. Calcs: (All using Mega Swampert's stats)

-1 252+ Atk Swampert Helping Hand Ice Punch vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Landorus-T: 308-364 (80.6 - 95.2%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Leftovers recovery
Not bad. Some prior damage and that thing's gone.

252+ Atk Swampert Helping Hand Earthquake vs. 132 HP / 0 Def Mega Mawile: 368-434 (134.3 - 158.3%) -- guaranteed OHKO

252+ Atk Swampert Helping Hand Ice Punch vs. 248 HP / 0 Def Togekiss: 312-368 (83.6 - 98.6%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Leftovers recovery
Same thing as Lando-T. Some prior damage and Togekiss is gone.

252+ Atk Swampert Helping Hand Earthquake vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Metagross: 314-372 (104.3 - 123.5%) -- guaranteed OHKO
(Calculated with Mega's Defense stat)
Get that garbage outta here.

I may be adding more as I think of them. This is just a preliminary idea.
And Mega Steelix is my baby don't you dare call it ew ;-;
Also, why was it tough to EV Train Mega Sableye? You are horde training, aren't you?

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Keep up the good work :) I thought I was the only one who ran Sky Drop on Mea Aero.
Now you're not :D
Oh, and added another
I don't horde train, I Super Train, and Sableye has those icky rapid-fire, low-damage balls.
Horde is way better and quicker then super training easily maxing out a stat in a little over 5 battle with pokerus and power items cut the time down so much quicker then spending level 3 trainings 21 times at most not including double up bags only use for super training is for the different numbers sometimes easily obtainable with vitamins and a couple 1,2, or 3 training levels
^ What he said
Thanks for the great suggestions! If have any more ideas, don't hesitate to add them.
My pleasure! I'll definitely add more.
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Mega camerupt is quite bulky and can gain stab from earth power which is super effective against steel and poison, and handles steel well because they are often very defensive, not specialy defensive. He can handle grass types which often also have poison moves.
mega camerupt
Ability: any ----> sheer force
Evs: 252 sp atk, 252 sp def( for water moves that tend to be special), 4 def
- Flamethrower, fire blast ( stab and takes advantage of sheer force), heat wave ( stab, hits both foes)
- Earth power ( stab, takes advantage of sheer force)
- Stone edge ( coverage), rock slide ( all foes, takes advantage of sheer force)
- Flash cannon ( coverage, takes advantage of sheer force)

Hope I Helped!