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I want to know what Mega to base my Double team around. The other five 'Mons don't matter, I just need to know what each Mega Evolution in Gen VI's niche is in Doubles, or if it has one at all. I don't want people raging all over the place saying "blubber blub every Pokémon is good if you play it right blubber blub", I need to know how each Mega Pokémon performs in ORAS WiFi Doubles.

Please do NOT include these Mega Evolutions in your answer:

  • Mega Garchomp
  • Mega Lucario
  • both Mega Mewtwos
  • Mega Steelix
  • Mega Sableye
  • Mega Rayquaza
  • Mega Diancie

Thanks a mil!


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Here's a few more:

Mediocre Pokemon made OP by its Mega Stone. A double Fake Out that not only gets STAB but also hits Ghost types (before it mega evolves).

Scizor is good in doubles anyway, but the Mega form is more viable in doubles because:
1. you're not choiced & locked into a move (switching in doubles is much less desirable because you're switching into 2 moves, not 1)
2. you're not life orbed so you won't sap your own health
3. Mega-Scizor receives better defences meaning there's more of chance it'd survive in doubles (if you provide wide guard support to avoid things like Heat Wave)
4. you get an attack boost without having to set up (130 to 150 from mega evolving)

Unorthodox usage of Mega-Gallade: give it Wide Guard and/or Quick Guard. It has passable bulk and a base 165 attack meaning even with 252 HP/ 252 Speed, it'll still pack a punch.

Same use as Kangkaskhan, a STAB Fake Out with Scrappy, but it's faster and more frail. Kangkaskhan can tank if necessary, but Lopunny is much more suited to being purely offensive, so it can pair better with bulkier/ slower/ set up team mates.

Swift Swim is good with Drizzle/ Rain Dance, paired with base 150 attack.

Bit of a niche, but Lightningrod is pretty useful if you pair it with Gyarados.

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Thanks for the suggestions! Just pointing out, Mega Kangaskhan can't hit Ghosts with Fake Out twice because it loses Scrappy in favour of Parental Bond. I think you meant it can hit Ghosts before Mega Evolving :)
Oh I derped on that one; I was thinking about Lopunny. :x
Actually most Gallade don't even carry Quick/Wide Guard. More like straight wallbreakers, w/ Protect, Ice Punch, Psycho Cut/Knock Off and Close Combat.
And add Abomasnow and Camerupt in there btw, they're really OP in Trick Room teams.
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mega audino is a great double healer (heal pulse, healer ability) and can do good special damage (calm mind)+ both attack moves attack both opponents (hyper voice, dazzling gleam).

mega tyranitar with sand stream for sandstorm battles.

mage bannete for prankster set up.

mega ampharos/ gyarados with mold breaker.

mega manectric with intimidate.

mega pidgeot with no gaurd ( so partner can hit opponent with something like dynamic punch)

mega sceptile with lightning rod ( good with gyarados).

mega swampert with swift swimfor rain battles.

mega houndoom with solar power/ mega charizard y with drought for sun battles

mega abomasnow with snow warning for hail battles.

Hope I Helped!!!

Wow this is actually pretty useful, I might get into Doubles cuz of this
Thanks for the answer, but could you try to find uses for ALL of the Megas, besides the ones listed above? Also, please make it look tidy with proper capitalization, it makes my eyes sting XD If you do this will definitely get BA.
Okay Astronautical.
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Mega Gengar is very good, as he can use hypnosis to make the opponents fall asleep, which the other Pokemon can then finish off, and he can even heal himself with dream eater.