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So it has
Dark pulse
Ice beam

Should I replace u-turn with grass knot? Or if you think I should replace another move let me know also, thanks!


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Greninja is mainly a speedy Pokemon, but since it is a water type with dark as it's secondary type, then you should go for special attack moves and have a move that raises it's special defense
Grass Knot is only good for heavier Pokemon. I would suggest getting a stat raising move. I'm not much of an expert because my Pokemon are mostly attackers but do what you are comfortable with.

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Greninja sux at being a bulky/setup sweeper. He functions best with either four attacks or, if playing Doubles/Triples, Protect. He has pretty much zero support value and zero longevity.
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I am training a greninja and has the above moveset.
Hydropump (stab)
Ice beam (coverage and checks grass types)
Knock off ( cus its always necessary, stab)
Gunk shot (screw you fairies) or you might as well have U- turn for switching purposes. Hope this helped as it did to me.

too bad Greninja doesn't get knock off