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I have 2 Greninja's, both with Protean. I want to know which one is better for competitive play!

First Greninja: Has 31 IVs in 4 stats - HP, Attack, Defence and Special Defence. I's Hidden Power type is Bug therefore. So mine knows Grass knot, Surf, Extrasensory and Dark Pulse.

Second Greninja: Has 31 IVs in 2 stats - Attack and Special Defence. Its Hidden Power type is fire. It knows Surf, Grass Knot, Hidden Power (fire) and Extrasensory.

So what one is better for competitive play?

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Neither of them are good.

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To be quite honest, neither of them is good for competitive play, firt of all neither of them has IVs on SpA, which in that case you might aswell go for physical Greninja (which is far inferior to Special Grenina, but for those 2, Physical seems like the way to go.)
But if I had to choose one, the first one is cearly better;
While HPFire provides good coverage and type on the second Greninja, it wont get to do anything with those IVs. (plus, Bug isnt that bad ;>)

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Physical greninja isn't far inferior