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I caught a mild Greninja with perfect Atk, Satk, spe, Def, and I've noticed no mild natured sets in the db or smogon. If his use is viable, please help. If he's uber viable then please give a recommend moveset for that. My biggest head ache is that he's mild natured...don't know what do with him...help please.

Is this ingame? Or for Wi-fi?
Mild is pretty good for Greninja anyway. Given how the general trend in Ubers is now, a -ve Defense won't trouble much, as most of Greninja's threats (hell, a lot of the uber pokemon themselves) are Special based anyway. Most people use a Focus Sash to protect it from OHKO from Xerneas' Moonblast and so forth, so I suggest that.
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The things is with Greninja is that it got banned due to its high speed and near perfect offenses(Protean+Life Orb.) Being as your Greninja is Mild nature, you won't get much use out of it because of that immense drop in speed. Granted most Uber Pokemon are slower than it, it does help to have an edge in the form of speed. I'd suggest either breeding for a Timid natured one, or just hope Greninja is faster than the Pokemon you'll face. I'd suggest the standard offensive set, as this In-Game, and not the Uber tier.

[email protected] Life Orb
Trait: Protean
EVs: 40 Atk / 212 SAtk / 252 Spd
Mild Nature
~ Hydro Pump
~ Ice Beam
~ Gunk Shot
~ Dark Pulse/Extrasensory

This was the set that gave Greninja a death sentence. Gunk Shot for those pesky Fairies, destroying them thinking they'd wall you. Ice Beam covers Dragons and such. Hydro Pump is Greninja's strongest viable option(Hydro Cannon sucks), and the last move is up to what coverage you prefer. Extrasensory beats out MVenusaur, where as Dark coverage is really good this generation. Mind you that you will not get the exact successful results being as you have that Mild Nature.

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Low Kick was better than Hydro Pump on it for ORAS. In Ubers, Grass Knot should be mentioned as it hit obese Pokemon like Water Arceus or Kyogre for heavy damage, albeit it isn't as useful as other listed attacks.
Like I said, this is a set that was most used in OU before it was banned, so I didn't include  an Uber set as it won't be necessary in-game. I suggest you read my post before commenting. Low Kick's only real use is to hit heavier targets, which the other coverage moves do better(and 2HKO Chansey). Hydro Pump is manditory and is superior to Low Kick in coverage and power.
Thanks guys for the help really responsive community. Mild nature decreases defense btw and upps Satk. But anyways thanks for that moveset n EVs because that's the ubers viable one in gonna rek my friends with!