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I just checked the CoroCoro website and it said this:



What does it mean? It's something about the Hoopa/Shiny Rayquaza event.

try google translate or bing or something

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I'm gonna attempt at translating. Putting amounts of text into Google usually doesnt work, so I'm putting it in word-by-word.

Phantom Pokemon Hoopa, the latest scoop is out!!!
This wonderful Hoops holds great secrets!!?
Furthermore, learn how to approach Shiny Rauquaza!!!

It's literally somwthing along those lines, its just announcing the event.
Hopefully there will be a better translation out soon.

Hope I helped. :)
Source: Lots of Google Translate

Lol |This wonderful Hoops holds great secrets!!?
Idk, what translation is correct, but I thought I should just post mine so they both are here.

I google translated it (just as a chunk) and it does look like it says what yours says xD  I wonder what it actually means...
Yes I did that too. Yours is better. Thanks!

That probably means we're getting a Hoopa/shiny rayquaza event!!!
I can't wait!
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I did three different Japanese to English sites and got the same message, but very different than indigo's:

Pokemon dispatch! Get the scoop on phantom Pokemon "Hupa" takes the
field! And the secret of the FEPA has a magical ring! Even in black
recuse of Gigi semarimasu!

I don't know what one is correct, but I thought I should post this just to be safe!

Here and Here are two of the translators.

Hope this helps!

Like I said, translators don't do very good when translating sentences. :P