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I defeated the Lumiose City gym leader, Clemont, I then went to Magenta Cafe and spoke with Lysandre and Professor Sycamore. Why can't I progress and leave the city via Route 14 (a guy blocks me and says there is a power problem)? The closest I can come up with is that I don't have a King's Rock (no idea where it went, if indeed I got it). If that's the problem, how do I fix it? Thanks!

That doesn't make sense. Did you get the holo clip from Trevor?
You should be able to do so if you've talked to Sycamore & Lysandre...
I did defeat the Power Plant, then went on to get the voltage Badge. I did go to the Magenta cafe and talk with Sycamore and Lysandre, but am unable to go into Route 14. Is there another Team Flare besides the ones inside the power plant?
I figured it out!  I had defeated Clemont and gone to the cafe, but I must not have saved and lost power, so I lost my progress.  Because I was in the city and not the wild, my Pokemon did not change levels, so it wasn't very obvious.  I retraced my steps from the power plant back to the gym and noticed my name wasn't carved on the 'mysterious posts', checked my badges, sure enough, wasn't there.  Oops.  So I beat Clemont, again, and got my badge, again, and now well on my way on Route 14.  Thank you all!!!
Oh wait, wasn't there some Lumiose save glitch circulating a while ago? Maybe that's what it was. :x

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You need to go into the route where the power plant is at (check you town map for that) and defeat Team Flare. You can now go into route 14 after that.
Source: Experience

If he got to the Lumiose leader, the power Plant is done bud.
I didn't find any additional Team Flare when I went back to and through the Power Plant... :(
Then I don't really know then...