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Other than Legendary Pokemon and Pokemon that can only be found through evolution/breeding which Pokemon is the most secluded and has the least chance of encountering throughout all 6 generations of Pokemon?

Well, that's hard to say as it depends all on region and what routes your on. Personally I think its Pineco from Gold and silver since you had to go around headbutting trees and already they had a pretty low rate to appear, that on top of that only Ilex forest has a lot of Headbuttable trees, it can make it hard to find those guys.

Though really I think its more a personal Opinion on this.

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Cryogonal had a 1% encounter rate in twist mountain in BW

Tynamo was 2nd at 2% encounter rate in chargestone cave

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There is more in other games.
Yeah this really doesn't answer the question.
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I know this is an old question. But I know something that is Super hard to encounter. These are the conditions for being the hardest wild Pokemon to encounter.

  • Must be Shiny
  • Must have 6 Perfect IVs
  • Must have Pokerus
  • Must have a 1% encounter rate

If a wild Pokemon meet those conditions stated above, then it will be the Hardest Pokemon to encounter. I'm not talking about breeding and Legendaries. Pokerus only exist from Gen 3 onwards. And shinies only exist from Gen 2 onwards. I'm not sure for the encounter rate. I don't think anyone on Earth encounter a wild Pokemon the meet the conditions I stated above. If there is, comment below. Someone tell me if I missed out anything.

Source : Knowlege and Experience

But a wild Pokemon with Pokerus is not possible.
Yes it's possible actually.
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It's still interesting enough to think about for anyone who sees the page
Any combination of IVs is just as hard to find as full IVs.
There are ways to increase the chance of a Pokemon being shiny, so theoretically, a personality that doesn't cause shininess is rarer than a personality that does.
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A shiny Salamence in Sun/Moon via SOS has a 0.0000025% chance of being called. If you have both Pokemon Ranger and Pokemon Diamond/Pearl, the Manaphy Egg has a possibility of being a shiny. The Secret ID and Trainer ID have to match the Manaphy's Personality Value, and transferring your Manaphy egg and resetting your game until you get a shiny Manaphy can take a long time. A shiny Wynaut from Mirage Island is pretty rare because there is only a 0.001 of the man seeing Mirage Island. Once he sees it, it is nearly impossible to get there. Even if you could get to Mirage Island every time you tried, it would still be a 0.00000001220703125% of the man seeing it and you catching a shiny Wynaut from there. Also, a shiny Safari Zone Chansey with a Lucky Egg has a find and catch rate of 0.0000018310546875% in FireRed and LeafGreen. For unobtainable shinies, any shiny Pokemon with the ability Soundproof is the rarest because the ability Soundproof has not been released in any games, so you getting a shiny AND a soundproof Pokemon without hacking is impossible. Also, any shiny checked Pokemon is unobtainable. Sorry for the long post! Hope this helps!

EDIT: A shiny Munchlax Tree Munchlax has a 0.0000012207% chance of appearing.

Source, method for finding Shiny Manaphy and the calculations to find Mirage Island

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