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which gives better coverage for flareon iron tail or dig
dig can take down fire electric poison rock steel
iron tail could take down ice rock fairy

which is better?

Also fire fang or flare blitz
flare blitz gets a base 120 damage and 180 with STAB and 270 with life orb but gets rid of tons of health and flareon has low health
fire fang gets a base 65 damage chance to flinch and burn also gives 98 damage with STAB and also gets 130 base with life orb does less than half the damage flare blitz does but doesn't get rid of health

Thanks! :D

Definitely Iron Tail over Dig. EQ is too big a risk

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Iron Tail

Not only does Dig lack power but it also has the risk factor of EQ destroying Flareon.

Fire Fang

Flareon has medicore HP and a Flare Blitz Flareon isn't going to last a long time in battle. If you were going for a Suicidal Type Guts Flareon then Flare would work ok, but otherwise Flare Blitz is not highly recommend on Flareon

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