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When and what triggers the sleeping Snorlax to come at the Route 7 bridge ?

I 'killed'it twice and it hasn't re-appeared since I beat the E4 which was quite a few monthes ago.

You Encountered it twice? How did you find it again?    Next time, if it does appear again, save before you battle it. If you faint it, exit without saving and rematch it.
It was just on the bridge - and at that time I had no interest in completing the Nat-Dex and I just killed it for Exp XD

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Since this Snorlax on the bridge is a special kind of Pokemon encounter, it means that like other special encounters with legendaries, they will appear again a while later, or after you beat the elite four, as long as you don't catch them the first time, and instead you defeat them, they defeat you, or you run. (On Kalos route 7's Bulbapedia page, it says it is a special encounter.)

So if you just catch it, it will never appear again, like with the main legendary in each game. Except it's a meaningless Snorlax. So maybe with this one it's slightly different, so that it just gives up coming back once you defeat the E4, because by then you probably won't want to catch it anymore.

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Oh ok thanks so much :D