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I sent out Ralts with Trace ability and my friend sent out a Pineco with Sturdy .He moved first and his first move was selfdestruct. If ralts copied sturdy why did not activate for me. Both of us had full hp.

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Was it an OHKO move? Or did it still leave Ralts with more than 1 hp?
Which game did you battle him.
@MechSteelix He used self destruct and killed my full hp Ralts. @Mr.Pasta I played in x
hmmmmmm maybe just a glitch but also why would u use a rats in competitive play?
Maybe this is lc? Or just a friendly battle.
yea but still would at least have it be a kirla

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In Generation 4 and earlier, Sturdy only protected you from OHKO moves such as Guillotine and Sheer Cold.

It did not have it's secondary effect, saving you from a move that takes out all of your health.

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true bro listen to him
This is why I hate sturdy.
but he played in Pokemon X