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Using harvest with a starf berry and things. All of them aren't very good with it and there recovery is sitrus berry harvest, I was thinking tropius and synthesis under sun would work so can you leave some sets with starf berry, a recovery move, and keep in mind I'm playing doubles so I'm gonna use primal groudon beside it. But I can have the Pokemon itself set up sunny day(ex:exeguttor) and give harvest to said partner mon, I'm in need of sets for harvest mons with reliable recovery for staying alive while using harvest, like roost tropius, so all I need is sets with harvest mons using the starf berry to their advantage and not using sitrus berry recovery, and some mons that would like to use starf berry harvest via skill swap, like a poke that couuld use starf harvest but would need skill swap harvest to do so.

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What is the nme of this Berry? You've written start, staff and starf. Which is real, and who are the phonies?
Starf is the correct term of the berry, I'll hunt out the typo(s?) an correct them shortly.

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According to the DB's harvest page, there are 5 Pokémon that have it as a hidden ability.
So there really isn't much choice if you go down the "no skill swapping route".
Pokemon like Chansey and Blissey however, could benefit from Harvest Start Berry for the chance of extra Defense. To do this, however, you will need to take the following precautions,
1. Send out both Exeggutor and your chosen Pokémon.
2. Skill swap so that the chosen Pokémon has harvest and the other doesn't.
3. Switch the useless Pokémon that isn't a Harvest out for Groundon.
Although this method works, its a pain to use around so I'll be giving sets for both Egg and Blissey

Exeggutor @ Starf Berry
Nature: Calm
Ability: Harvest
EV's: 252 Spa | 252 HP | 4 Spdef
- Synthesis
- Sleep powder
- Reflect/Light Screen
- Giga drain/Toxic
This set uses Sleep as a set-up, Sleep Powder the apposing Pokémon to allow Reflect or Light Screen to STP those bugs. Synthesis allows more healing as with Primal Groundon, ( I think). Toxic is for Grass types and Giga Drain is handy.

Now, Blisseys set

Blissey @ Starf Berry
Nature: Calm
Ability: Harvest ( After the SS manoeuvre above )
EVs: 252 HP | 252 Spde | 4 Defense
- Stealth Rock
- SoftBoiled
- T-wave/Toxic
- Seismic Toss
A brilliant set for Blissey, the move Seismic Toss will do exactly 100 or 50 depending on your settings. T-wave, Toxic and Stealth Rock help that little bit out and make this Blissey more formidable. Softboiled is for recovery.

Whew, that was long. I hope these facts help you make an informative decision about who to use.

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I have room and i have planned trevenant and a last poke, id prefer a more offensive set, mabye a hydreigon skill swapped
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i would use a Pokemon with follow me if you wanna use a starf berry so that when you need to use a healing move you wont worry about getting attacked