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It is lv 59 with 197 hp with a hp iv personality.

This is not necessary but really helpful, but how much IVS is in its hp stat also? Thank you!


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Your Dragonite has an odd HP stat. If a number ends in 1, 3, 5, 7, or 9, it is an odd number.

As for his IVs, I cannot tell you that until I know how many EVs are in HP. This is because a level 59 Dragonite with 31 HP IVs can have a maximum of 194 HP. You obviously have some EVs in HP, so just comment how many are and then I can tell you the HP IV of your Dragonite.

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A level 59 Dragonite's HP stat cannot exceed 194 points. I used two different calculators and they both said the same thing. Either you read his level wrong or his HP stat wrong.
I think it got some EVS in hp by hitting the punching bag while I was EV training
Of corse, I wasn't using super trainging for EV trainging as that is not the best way
You've been really helpful latly astro so thanks!
Np Pokegon!