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Some of you may be aware of a strategy going around that can force
battles to continue indefinitely. This involves using Leppa Berry with
Heal Pulse, Recycle, a healing move (such as Slack Off or Soft-Boiled)
and Block/Mean Look/Spider Web. Fortunately only Slowpoke, Slowbro,
Slowking, Blissey and Smeargle are legally able to use this
combination (Ralts, Kirlia, Gardevoir and Gallade as well if you count
Wish). To use the strategy, one of these will switch into a defensive
Pokemon, or one unable to 2hko them, use Block and then PP stall the
opponent with recovery and Leppa Berry + Recycle. Once the opponent
begins to Struggle, the user can simply continue to Heal Pulse, with
Leppa Berry + Recycle, until the opponent forfeits. An example can be
seen here.

Taken word for word from here.

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