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I have a level 100 Altaria, so why is it not showing up? I really want it!

Is your game pre-used?

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Location: Fabled Cave (South-east of Mauville City)
Additional Requirements: Have a Level 100 Pokémon on your team
When Soaring around, you may discover a small area near Mauville City which has a star above it. This is the Fabled Cave and inside the cave you will find another portal. In it, you will encounter Reshiram in Omega Ruby or Zekrom in Alpha Sapphire.

Either you're not in the right location (Area southeast of Mauville city while on a Latios/Latias >> Fabled Cave) or you have Omega Ruby. Hopefully, you are just in the wrong place and have Alpha Sapphire.

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Hopefully I've Helped!

This answer don't really help at all. I caught Zekrom... after I had like 3 lvl 100 pokemon on my team.
Well, then you did something wrong, it won't spontaneously appear just because you had three lvl. 100 Pkmn. The answer was the only probable solutions. My guess is that you were in the wrong location.... Every source I've been too stated one lvl 100 and fly over Mauvile City. If it didn't help click the links an see for yourself. Glad to have helped.