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I want to give two examples, My traded Escavalier and my Vocarona.

LEVEL: 100
HP: 294
Attack: 282
Defense: 255
Sp. Attack: 146
Sp. Defense: 251
Speed: 93

The IVs (assuming):
Attack: EVEN
Defense: ODD
Sp. Attack: EVEN
Sp. Defense: ODD
Speed: ODD

Does Escavalier have any perfect IVs?
HP: 304
Attack: 140
Defense: 138
Sp. Attack: 305
Sp. Defense: 207
Speed: 192

The IVs (assuming):
Attack: EVEN
Defense: EVEN
Sp. Attack: ODD
Sp. Defense: ODD
Speed: EVEN

Does Volcarona have any perfect IVs?

Thank you.

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Level? EVs? Nature? Hidden Power? Potential?
Kinda looks like Level 100's that went through random training to me.
I was right for one of 'em...

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While LucarioMaster448 is correct in that we need those, Hidden Power and Potential are not explicitly necessary.

Unless some of these things are not known. Then they'd help a lot.

The main things we need to know before we can answer this are its Level, EVs, and Nature.

Will update if necessary.

(If you don't know the EVs, find a reset bag in the Super Training PokeNav app and then replace these stat values with whatever the reset values are. Reset Bags are relatively rare, so it may take you a while to find them.)

In the future, it's best to check IVs when freshly caught so you can see if the IVs are relatively decent. (Bred Pokemon are another story that I'll put in if you want later.)

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I really don't wanna reset these in-game pokemon...
You'd have to if we're gonna figure out the IVs....do you want to know or just live with the mystery?