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I just want to know where to get the move Scald in Alpha Sapphire. I have a Milotic and one of my favorite moves to teach it is Scald.

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The TM for Scald can be found in the Seafloor Cavern. You get access to this place once you beat Mossdeep City's gym leaders. Your going to need Surf and Dive to get there, but if its your first time going, you also need Strength and Rock Smash. You also have to go through some moving currents. This video can help you figure out what currents to take.
enter image description here
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This isn't a route. This is actually inside the Seafloor Cavern. Where it says "This video can..." has a link to the video that shows someone getting that TM. Just click on the word video.
Oh crap. Wow!! I thought you were talking about the place where you put relicanth first and wailord last. My bad. This is where the team Aqua awakens Kyogre. My bad. (Face palm)
it's true i found it on alpha sapphire