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I want to have a Pokemon with good Pokemon-catching moves to help me catch the legendaries in oras. What are some of the best moves to have with me (list 3-5)? Also, if possible, list a Pokemon that can learn all/some of these moves.

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Use Block if it is a Roaming Pokémon
Use false swiper to damage the pokémon you want to catch down to 1 HP.
Use a status move to make it easier to catch
Throw pokéball

False Swipe: Always leaves opponent with at least 1 HP. You can learn it to one of your strongest Pokémon if you have a strong physical pokémon or just an overleveled average pokémon.

Block/Mean Look
Look here to see who can learn block http://pokemondb.net/move/block
Look here to see who can learn mean look http://pokemondb.net/move/mean-look

Spore/Sleep Powder/Thunder Wave to make the Pokemon you wanna catch paralyzed/asleep which makes them easier to catch.

Look here to see who can learn spore http://pokemondb.net/move/spore
Look here to see who can learn sleep powder http://pokemondb.net/move/sleep-powder
Look here to see who can learn thunder wave http://pokemondb.net/move/thunder-wave

Smeargle can learn all these moves otherwise you can use Mean Look/Hypnosis Gengar and then a Pokémon which can learn false swipe.


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Can roaming legendaries escape Shadow Tag?
I'm pretty sure they can't.
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Catching legendaries are very tough, especially without master balls. But, here are some useful moves that would increase your chances.

  1. Use false swipe. Pokemon with false swipe helps you a lot. This will help you get their HP down to 1 making it incredibly easy to catch. But, seeing that false swipe isn't much of a powerful move, you would need a high level or high physical Pokemon. But, if Pokemon have moves like recover, false swipe could take forever. So, you should get the move spite - reduce the amount of time they use it. One Pokemon who can learn both false swipe and spite is weavile (but he needs to be breeded for spite and TM for false swipe)
  2. Use stat lowering move. Moves like leer, scary face, bulldoze, snarl etc. could lower their stats making them weaker. This would definitely help. Many Pokemon can learn these moves - even weavile.
  3. Use status condition move. Moves like toxic, thunder wave, will o wisp etc. would help you a lot too. But, a better choice of status conditions is to use ones the don't reduce their HP such as thunder wave, attract etc.. You don't want to battle and then next thing you know they faint from your conditions - weavile can learn moves that trigger these secondary effects

So, I strongly think you should have weavile on your team - for people he's good against like dialga, palkia etc.. Don't use him for heatran, moltres etc. - unless your fast (which he is).

Weavile is an excellent choice. If you need more moves, I would be glad to post a couple more.
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  • A move to make the Pokemon fall asleep, such as sleep powder.
  • False Swipe or Hold Back, leaves he target with one HP at least (Note: this will not work on ghost types)
  • Super Fang, use as an alternative to False Swipe or Hold Back, It halves the targets HP (100% to 50% to 25% to 12.5% and so on, also Do not use too many times!)
  • Heal block, useful to stop the target from using regen moves, such as recover.
  • Mean Look, good to keep roaming Pokemon from escaping
  • Any regen Move
    Spore (don't let the shroomish evolve until you teach it spore on lv.40)
    False Swipe
    Move of your choice

Notes: If the Breloom has the ability Poison heal, give it a toxic orb and you can (but dont have to just to keep safe) get rid of synthesis.
Or you could give it a quick claw.