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I know this may seem a little open ended, but I think it needs asking. Is there any viable reason why Ghost and Dragon are super effective on themselves?

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If you read the right books you'll find that dragons eat other dragons, that is why there is only usually one around at a time. Ghosts are lost souls, trapped in this world to deal with unfinished business. A ghost lives in self torment, being its own worst enemy.

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Good thinking.
maybe it was planned since gen 1 that the pokemon in the reverse world would be weak to its own attacks. (Giratina)
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Possibly to demonstrate that those elements were suppose to be so powerful that the only Pokemon that could defeat that element was a stronger Pokemon of that element.

Like that saying "What can defeat An African Elephant in a fight?................ A bigger African elephant"

or because they can, aka game freak logic
hmm, nice theory, but what about Psychic?
Weak to bug, dark and ghost because psychic powers are from the brain, and common human fears (which affect the brains concentration) are insects, ghosts and the darkness. Strong against fighting because of how the saying goes "Brains >Brawn" but im not sure about poison, perhaps because poison represents dirty tricks and psychic represents concentration and hard work? These are only my theories though
sorry, should have explained myself more: Psychic was considered a strong element of pokemon, but was not effective against itself, so the idea that the only way to beat a strong element is itself doesn't seem viable to me.
Or a raichu.
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I'm just grasping at another logic, sorry for the answer.

dragon V dragon

It's not hard to imagine why most types are resistant to themselves, like two physics locked into an intense mental battle or two fish just splashing water into one another's faces. But imagine an awesome dragon war in the sky? One word. EPIC. That's why Dragon V Dragon is super effective.

ghost V ghost

Even some ghosts might be merciful people, I think most of them as evil people destined to roam the world forever, unable to meet their friends and family in heaven as a punishment for evil deeds. I think them as in a reverse world, where each overpowers but are in the same strength.

Something like that.