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I am playing Pokemon: Emerald. I have 3 gym badges at this point. My level 37 Pokemon is obeying me, while my level 22 Pokemon is not. Is this a glitch or is there something I'm missing?


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If you have three badges, I'm guessing that would be the stone, knuckle and dynamo badges. Traded Pokemon from up to level 30 should be obeying you, in emerald. Your level 22 Pokemon should be listening, but the possible reasons why it isnt:

-You are playing a hacked game
-Your game is glitched
-You do not have 3 badges or your Pokemon is over level 30 (unlikely)

I can't imagine why else it wouldnt listen to you, I'm pretty sure you weren't missing anything. Hopefully gaining more badges solves this problem!

Some info on badges

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