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Hello! I may have encountered a bug/glitch/error. The bug is where I cannot access the Pokémon Storage System and I'm wondering if there's a way to fix it since I can't afford to buy a new one :(


Here's the link of the shop from where I bought the Pokemon Emerald: https://tokopedia.link/6iy5s4PrRlb

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What happens when you try to interact with a PC?
We need more detail. Where is this happening? What happens when you try?
if you can see by the video I linked basically I tried to open the pokémon storage system on lanette's pc and when I click on "deposit pokémon" instead of taking me on the pokémon storage system screen they make it black screen for a second for the transition and it went back the the choosing thingy
Hmmm… do you know where you got the game?

Do you know if the game is authentic?

How far are you into the game?

Is it just one town, or all PC’s?

I’m assuming it’s a fake/repro cartridge you got by accident and the ROM on the cartridge wasn’t properly inputted
there's no Paticular game shop in my town so i bought it online, and i don't know how to identify if its authentic or not, Im 7badges in, its all town i even tried a new game and its still the same, i looked back at the reviews and all of them says that it's real..it happened before i was going to battle the gym leader twins. i was trying to check if theres a pokémon that can beat them and the glitch happened, i brushed it off since i though i can just check after i beat them. after a few hours of training and beating the gym leaders i needed a pokémon that can learn "dive' i was like "oh i can use this pokémon to learn dive" so i used fly to go to another city and it happened again so i can't continue the game. if i had a pokémon that can learn dive in my team i would continue the game with no problem of opening the storage system but i need one to continue on the game
Can you at least post a photo of your cartridge?
If you know where you bought it from, could you post the link? I will be able to tell if it’s authentic or not based off of the listing

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I regret to inform you, but the cartridge is fake.

After looking at the listing, I can see the following red flags:

  • The seller has multiple of each. These games are unfortunately really hard to get your hands on in bulk.
  • It’s listed as “new” condition. Pokémon games this old are never new unless they’re reproduced.
  • It says it’s not original cassette, aka, not authentic

I can’t comment on the price since I’m not fluent in the currency. Hopefully it wasn’t expensive, though. Typically, repro cartridges are cheaper than authentic.

This is 100% the source of your problem. Reproduction cartridges are made by importing the ROM. There’s all sorts of errors that come with reproduction cartridges, the majority of them being silly and random like this.

There’s unfortunately there’s nothing you can do, since this error was created when they copied the file onto the cartridge.

Here are things I suggest:

  • Contact the seller. They can send you another one if you explain the issue. This won’t be the case for all reproduction cartridges; you just got unlucky and got a bad one
  • Buy an authentic one. A bit more pricey, but you can get authentic ones on eBay for as low as $20 if you get a Japanese cartridge.
  • Start a new file, with plans of only catching 6 Pokémon. Since you can’t fix the issue, why not make a fun challenge of it? You can still play, just not access the PC. Plan your team in advance so you have a flier and a surfer.

Sources: I’ve had really bad reproduction cartridges too. It wouldn’t let me open the Pokémon menu on mine, for no particular reason. I collect a lot of cartridges. Also skimmed Bulbapedia for any known glitches; there were none.

Hoped this helps! Sorry about your cartridge :(

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The back of the cart uploaded by OP is also a dead giveaway. The real cart isn't "spotty" like that.
ah I see, thanks ~Smoothie~ and dont worry about the price I bought it when it was like Rp 8.000 (indonesia's currency is like thousands so ex: Rp 1.000 is Rp 1) so yea it was pretty cheap. I expected this to happened because its cheap the other prices are either 1.000.000 or 99k. and huh I was planning to challenge myself after I beat the elite 4 and I was planning to buy pokémon black since the one that came with my ds is pirated
and ill try to contact the seller after I collect all of my 4 braincells that has scattered when I was doing my exams
you probably should turn this answer in to a comment on smoothies answer since this isnt an answer